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シンガポール科学技術研究庁のDxD HubとEpigeneron、戦略的グローバルパートナーシップ契約締結。ファーストインクラス創薬標的研究を対象


シンガポール科学技術研究庁(A*STAR)の商業化部門であるAccelerate Technologies Pte Ltdの診断開発部門(DxD Hub)と大阪大学及び弘前大学発スタートアップ企業である株式会社Epigeneron(Epigeneron)は本日、がん領域における未知の創薬標的同定を目的とした戦略的パートナーシップのための趣意書(MOU)を締結したことを発表しました。本パートナーシップはDxD HubのNexGene部門との提携です。A*STARのシンガポールゲノム研究所(GIS)及びDxD Hubによって開発されたNexGeneの技術プラットフォームは、がんのエピジェネティック情報に基づく創薬技術です。



DxD HubのCEOであるシドニー・イー博士は、「Epigeneronとのパートナーシップは、2つの強力な技術を補完的に組み合わせることで、エピジェネティックなメカニズムを解明し、がんの新規な創薬標的を同定するという我々のコミットメントであると言えます」と述べています。


DxD Hubについて
Diagnostics Development Hub(DxD Hub)は、A*ccelerate主導で臨床的妥当性が担保された診断機器の国家的な知的財産権移転プラットフォームです。A*ccelerateはA*STARの商業化部門であり、イノベーションを促進し、研究成果を商業化することで経済の変革を支援しています。

NexGeneはDxD Hubの1部門であり、NexGene独自のゲノムワイドなエピジェネティック情報によってがんの薬剤耐性獲得メカニズムの特定が可能です。このデータに基づく精密化医療プラットフォームによって、新しい創薬ターゲット及び診断予測方法を生み出していきます。



本資料は、2019年10月16日に発表したプレスリリースDxD Hub of A*STAR and Epigeneron enter into global strategic partnerships to discover first-in-class drug targetsの日本語訳であり、内容や解釈については英語が優先されます。

DxD Hub of A*STAR and Epigeneron enter into global strategic partnerships to discover first-in-class drug targets

Accelerate technologies Pte Ltd, the commercialization arm of the Agency for Science, Technology
and Research (A*STAR) based in Singapore, acting through its Diagnostics Development Hub
(“DxD Hub”) and Epigeneron, Inc., the Osaka/Hirosaki Universities-originated start-up based in
Tokyo (“Epigeneron”) today announced that both companies signed a Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) to enter into strategic partnerships to identify ever-unknown drug
development targets in oncology areas. This partnership is with the DxD Hub’s subdivision called
NexGene. NexGene’s technology platform, developed by A*STAR’s Genome Institute of
Singapore (GIS) and the DxD Hub, is based on epigenetics signatures of cancers as a drug
discovery engine.

Under the terms and conditions, NexGene will provide validated novel pathogenic gene
information obtained though the analysis of double-digit thousands of clinical samples. Epigeneron
will, through its proprietary locus-specific chromatin immunoprecipitation (“locus-specific ChIP”)
consisting of enChIP(R) and iChIP(R) technologies, identify epigenetic regulating factors such as
chromatin modifying enzymes to control such pathogenic genes. Epigeneron and NexGene will
closely collaborate to engage pharmaceutical companies on the development of therapeutic drugs
targeting such identified epigenetic factors.

Successful development of epigenetic drugs depends on the identification of causative gene
regulatory genomic regions such as super-enhancers, and identification of molecules essential for
the function of the gene regulatory genomic regions. NexGene's technology realizes the former
element, whereas Epigeneron's expertise enables the latter one. Thus, collaboration between the
two entities is truly complementary and will open new frontiers in epigenetics, leading to the
development of effective cancer drugs that impact patients.

“The Epigeneron partnership reflects our joint commitment to identify new drug targets for
cancers uncovered through epigenetic mechanisms by combining two powerful complementary
technologies,” said Sidney Yee, Ph.D., CEO of DxD Hub.

“The execution of this MOU marks an important step in executing Epigeneron’s strategy, which is
focused on delivering disease-specific novel epigenetic drug targets by using the locus-specific
ChIP technology. We are proud that our platform technology was evaluated and selected by NexGene
and confident that this collaboration will be a flagship model in early stage collaboration to
synergistically advance our research capabilities to fight intractable disease.” said Hodaka Fujii, M.D,
Ph.D., President and CEO of Epigeneron.

About DxD Hub

Diagnostics Development (DxD) Hub is a national platform led by A*ccelerate with the aim to
accelerate the transformation of IPs into clinically validated diagnostic devices that are ready for
market adoption. A*ccelerate is the commercialisation arm of A*STAR, supporting it in transforming
the economy by driving innovation and commercialising its research outcomes.
NexGene is a sub-division of DxD Hub, NexGene’s proprietary genome-wide epigenetic signature
allows identification of drug resistance mechanisms in cancers. Its data-driven precision oncology
platform generates new targets for drug discovery and predictive diagnostics.

About Epigeneron, Inc.
Epigeneron, Inc., is a bio-venture company utilizing technologies developed in Hodaka Fujii’s lab to
develop drugs and treatments for intractable diseases such as cancer, diseases of the central
nervous system including dementia, metabolic diseases, and infectious diseases. Epigeneron
develops new drugs and offers services for the development of epigenetic drugs and anti-microbial
drugs. Our goal is to provide patients with effective drugs, developed based on our unique
technologies, thereby improving quality of life.

For more information, visit https://epigeneron.com/


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